Letting it Be

Carl H. Flygt

July 2005


If you find yourself objecting to the existence of something,

Call it x, or y or z,

Flow strong and smooth like water,

And let it be.

-B.K. Frantzis

Instructions to students

July 2005


Fair enough. Kudos, in fact. Greater wisdom, when coupled to the reality principle in the breath and the sinews of the body, would be hard to imagine. But can we hope to get a satisfactory social protocol out of that stance? Are we not, in accepting it, consigning ourselves to a world in which power relations, and not objective laws, dominate everything? Is not objecting to the existence of something the way in which all progressive social orders develop, and produce for their citizens, for example, a universal distribution of individual freedom, of material wealth, and objective knowledge of the things in nature and in the human world?


Let’s say we had a way to make our ontological objections themselves, our antipathies and our impulses toward judgmental addition, behave like a deep running current of water. Let’s say we had a protocol for performing conversations in exactly the same way we perform, or should perform, a high level chi gung set like Gods Playing in the Clouds, or something even more disembodied. Let’s say we had an energetics of thought itself, and a social understanding that allowed us to sustain that energetics in the manner of a circular breath or a cosmic ba gua circle walk. Would we then not ourselves be gods, or angels perhaps, and our social order a realization of God’s promise to his people of a shining and ethereal City on a hill?


Let us not then let it be but let us rather let it be true. Let us work out a theory of conversation and a practice of speech and thought that carries us, wave-like, in the imagination of some great cosmic ether as exactly and as precisely as the circulations of the gods playing in the clouds of their personal spheres. Let us add to the wisdom of the body a wisdom of the World itself, a wisdom that can only guide the planet into a state of unqualified and angelic ecstasy and bliss, in which the fixed stars and the circling planets act as directly on the affairs of men as they do on the bodies of women. And in objecting to the existence of some particular act, thought or state of being, let us in addition find a way to universalize it and make its logos and its power plain and transparent in the shimmering air and light of progress, of justice and of equality under natural law.