"If my ideas are right, they will make a big difference in future society.

"If they are false, a cogent refutation will appear somewhere.

"In either case, something called 'conversation theory' will have been created."

-Carl H. Flygt

Conscious Conversation -- Welcome to My New Theory of Language Use -- Semantics for the Human Potential
Essays on
Conscious Conversation
Philosophy and the Technological Singularity Dec 07
The Invention of Culture Dec 07
The Relativistic Predicament Nov 07
Philosophy as Social Science Oct 07
The Thesis of Linguistic Determinism Sep 07
Conversation and Logic May 07
Could William James Have Proposed a Theory of Conversation? May 07
Art as Experience May 07
Peirce, Semiotics and Conversation Theory Mar 07
Christianity Mar 07
Sentimentalism Feb 07
Emanuel Swedenborg Feb 07
American Transcendentalism and Goethean Conversation Jan 07
The Waves of Collective Intelligence Jan 07
Craig Hamilton's Ideas about Evolution Jan 07
Morality and Collective Intelligence Sep 06
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The Future of Conversation Aug 06
The Evolutionary Salon May 06
Tom Atlee May 06
Sharon Ellison's Taking the War Out of Our Words May 06
What Happened in Wuerzburg May 06
The Problem of Consciousness Mar 06

The Empirical Study of Brain States

Mar 06
Animal Consciousness Mar 06
What's in it for Me? Feb 06
Derived Intentionality Feb 06
Magical Thinking Feb 06
First-Order Psychology and Causal Reference Feb 06

The Principle of the Weakest Link

Dec 05
Neurolinguistic Programming Dec 05
Holographic Judaism Nov 05
Singularity Theory Nov 05
The Mathematics of Freedom Oct 05

The Problem of the Social Organism

Oct 05
Philosophical Engagement Oct 05
The Mind-Body Problem Oct 05
Daniel Ellsberg Oct 05
The Sea of Reflexes Oct 05
Phronesis Oct 05
Weather Control Oct 05
Transcendental Logic Oct 05
America's Trajectory Sep 05
Conversational Substance Sep 05
The Shame of New Orleans Sep 05
Letting it Be Jul 05
Esalen Jun 05
Causing Prior Intentions Apr 05

Text-Dependent Semantics for Pure Conversation

Apr 05
The Random Consideration Generator Apr 05
Searle's Ontologies Feb 05
The Kantian Program Feb 05

The Problem with a Perfect Science

Feb 05

Energy and the Control of Energy

Jan 05
An Engineering Problem Dec 04